Friday, February 6, 2015

Love is like Oxygen

Our newest collection comes to life in the bohemian home of these two lovely souls.  Full of spirit and beauty, this magical place is the perfect backdrop as we celebrate true bohemian style with our latest looks.  Heartfelt trinkets, feather accents, sweet dream catchers, turquoise, gold and good vibes.  This is what living in our small beach town feels like.  Cool, vibrant and full of love.  XO
See the whole collection HERE.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dorje Power

The Tibetan Dorje is a symbol of enlightenment.  
We've got a few up on the website...enjoy!

                              Double Dorje Necklace                               Ornate Dorje Necklace

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mercato Moment: Feather Perfection

This combo was put together by a customer at the Little Italy Mercato!  
Its a wrap that coordinates with her perfect feather tattoo.  
The amethyst stone provides calm, balance, patience and peace.  
See more wraps here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Trust the Universe

We live on a blue planet
 that circles around a ball of fire
 next to a moon that moves the sea, 
and you don’t believe in miracles?
-Universe Speaking -

Our "Trust the Universe" bangle is loaded with a collection of good juju charms. 
Focusing on trust and allowing yourself to be free, 
it includes a cross, feather, "karma" charm, an ornate trinket,
a chunk of pyrite (to help stimulate the flow of ideas),
a dragon fly, a turquoise bead stack, and a heart. 

The "Spiritual Welfare" bangle focuses on the divine in you.  
It includes a hamsa (symbol of protection), "karma" charm, turquoise bead stack,
a heart, arrow, a chunk of pyrite (to help stimulate the flow of ideas),
a buddha and a moon.

This "Custom Good Juju" bangle allows you to load up a collection of good juju charms of your choice. The "karma" charm, an ornate trinket, a chunk of pyrite (to help stimulate the flow of ideas), and a turquoise bead stack come standard. 
You choose 4 additional charms and if you want the bangle to be gold or silver plated.

See the whole Good Juju Collection HERE.
Feel it.  Love it.  Give it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Good JuJu Gift Guide

Who is she?  What does she love?  How does she live? 
We've got something for her.  
Take a peek at our Good Juju Collection to find the perfect gift for your girl.  
Make her feel good, she deserves it!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Jewelry Show & Glitter Party

Join us for our Annual Jewelry Show!  

Sunday, December 7th


1701 Glasgow Avenue
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 

This year we're getting all glittery!
There will be a DIY where you get to create a sparkly tipped feather ornament 
to hang on your tree, adorn a bottle of wine, attach to a gift or wear as a cool holiday corsage! 

We'll also have a photo booth set up for glitter fun pics to be had.  
Who doesn't want a picture of them blowing a colorful mix of glitter?

The studio will be decked out and open for browsing our holiday looks, 
Good Juju Gifts and all things sparkly. 

Enjoy bubbly refreshments and light snacks, 
SALE jewelry and lots of surprise deals!

RSVP to be entered for a $100 shopping spree, HERE
or by calling/texting 760.492.2880 
or send an email to
We hope to see you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What is Good Juju

When talking about what I'd do for a Holiday collection this year, my mom suggested I create something "feel good".  ("because that's what most of your jewelry is", she said.)  And when I shared with my friend Kamie some of the little trinkets I started making using karma circles, spiritual deities and such, she called them "talismans".  And when looking up the word talismans, 
I arrived at the word JUJU.  I love this word!

Juju has it's origins in West African religions, with "magic" inherent in it's meaning.   And what made it even more attractive to me is the Urban Dictionary calls it "the gypsy word for luck."  It's also a word for "energy" or "a vibe".  All of which sparked a certain energized feeling in me.  The essence of my living is about creating good juju for people to have, to feel, to love or to give.  So I did it!  Take a look at the NEW Good Juju Collection, now online and let me send some your way.  
XO, Lori

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

California Vibes


A few of my favorite fall looks loaded up on this bohemian girl.  
Back yard dancing and chilling here one afternoon made me realize how much
I love my home and my friends.  
Beautiful and always willing to help show off the jewels I've created.   
See all of my Fall Favorites here.

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